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High-Rise Buildings Aviation Obstruction Lighting in China

Applications: Highrise Building

End Users: Poly Development Holding Group Co., Ltd, Heguang Chenyue Project

Location: China, Taiyuan City

 Date: 2023-6-2


 ² CK-15-T Medium Intensity Type B Solar Obstruction Light

High-Rise Buildings Aviation Obstruction Lighting in China


Poly Heguangchenyue is the first time that the central enterprise Poly has introduced high-end products of the "Heguang series" to create a million-square-meter low-density large-scale project that is scarce in the city. The project is located in the head area of Longcheng Street, and covers 85-160 square meters of small high-rises, bungalows, and villas Can meet different housing needs.


According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), high-rise buildings and other structures that are hazardous to aircraft need to have aviation obstruction lighting. Different building heights require a different intensity of obstacle lights or a specific combination.     




Aviation obstruction lights set in high-rise buildings and buildings should be able to show the outline of the object from all directions. The horizontal direction can also be referenced to set obstruction lights at a distance of about 45 meters. Generally, the obstruction lights should be installed at the top of the building, and the installation height H should be from the horizontal ground.


² Standard: CAAC、ICAO、FAA 《MH/T6012-2015》《MH5001-2013》

² The number of light levels recommended depends on the height of the structure;

² The number and arrangement of light units at each level should be placed so the lighting is visible from every angle in azimuth;

² Lights are applied to display the general definition of an object or a group of buildings;

² Width and length of buildings determine the number of aircraft warning lights installed at the top and at each light level.





² Low intensity aircraft warning lights should be used for structure with H ≤ 45 m during night time, if those are considered inadequate, than medium – high intensity lights should be used.

² Medium intensity aircraft warning lights type A,B or C should be used to lit extensive object (group of buildings or tree) or structure with 45 m < H ≤ 150 m.

Note: Medium intensity aircraft warning lights, type A and C should be used alone, whereas medium intensity lights, Type B should be used either alone or in combination with LIOL-B.

² High intensity aircraft warning type A, should be used to indicate the presence of an object if its H > 150 m and an aeronautical study indicates such lights to be essential for the recognition of the object by day.



    The customer required a CAAC-compliant nighttime warning light system for the high building. The system needed to be low-cost, quick and easy to install and completely self-contained with an integrated power supply and fully automated to enable the lights to activate at dusk and deactivate at dawn.

Medium Intensity Solar Obstruction Light (MIOL), multi-LED type, compliant to ICAO Annex 14 Type B, FAA L-864 and Intertek & CAAC(Civil Aviation Administration of China) certified.This product is the ideal solution when looking for a reliable and high-quality solar system, to be installed in areas without power supply or when a temporary obstacle light system is required.CK-15-T Medium Intensity Obstruction Light with Solar Panel has been designed to be an assembly as compact as possible and easy to install.

High-Rise Buildings Aviation Obstruction Lighting in China

 High-Rise Buildings Aviation Obstruction Lighting in China