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Heliport Lighting Solutions in Camel Project

Applications: 16 nos Surface-level heliports

Location:Saudi Arabia

Date: 03-Nov-2020


² CM-HT12-D Heliport FATO White Inset Lights

² CM-HT12-CQ Heliport TLOF Green Inset Lights

² CM-HT12-EL Heliport LED Flood light

² CM-HT12-VHF Radio Controller

² CM-HT12-F Lighted Windsock,3meter



      The King Abdul-Aziz Festival for Camels is an annual cultural, economic, sports, and entertainment festival in Saudi Arabia under royal patronage. It aims to consolidate and strengthen the camel heritage in the Saudi, Arab, and Islamic cultures and provide a cultural, tourist, sports, leisure, and economic destination for camels and their heritage.

     Our 16nos Heliport project finished within 60 days for the King Abdul-Aziz Festival, the helipad will provide a safe transport destination for the event.

Heliport Lighting Solutions in Camel Project



The King Abdul-Aziz Camel Project ground heliport was recently equipped with a state-of-the-art lighting system to ensure safe and efficient helicopter operations. Among the various lighting fixtures installed, the heliport is now equipped with radio controllers, heliport FATO white recessed lights, heliport TLOF green recessed lights, heliport LED flood lights, and 3m illuminated windsocks. These advances in lighting technology are critical to facilitating the smooth and safe movement of helicopters, especially in challenging weather conditions.


A radio controller is an important tool at a heliport as it allows communication between air traffic controllers and pilots. With precise instructions and clear communication, pilots can navigate the heliport airspace with ease, reducing the risk of accidents or misunderstandings. This improves overall operational efficiency and ensures safety for all parties involved.


 To help identify designated areas and runway boundaries, heliport FATO white recessed lights are strategically placed on the helipad surface. These lights provide the pilot with a clear visual indication of the landing area, enabling precise landings and takeoffs. With improved visibility, helicopter operators can confidently maneuver the aircraft even in low light or foggy conditions.


 In addition to the FATO white recessed lights, the heliport TLOF green recessed lights were incorporated into the helipad design. These lights indicate landing and take-off areas, providing pilots with clear reference points during critical phases of flight. By illuminating the helipad surface, pilots can ensure accurate alignment and avoid any potential hazards that may exist.


 In addition, heliport LED floodlights were installed to provide adequate lighting around the helipad. These lights improve ground crew visibility and aid in safe ground operations such as refueling, maintenance and passenger boarding. Powerful LED floodlights ensure that all activities can be carried out with the utmost precision and safety even when working at night.


 A 3-meter-long lighted windsock was placed nearby to complete the lighting system. Windsocks are vital to pilots as they provide real-time information on wind speed and direction. By viewing the windsock, the pilot can make an informed decision about landing or take off, ensuring optimum flight safety.


Installation Pictures

Heliport Lighting Solutions in Camel Project


Heliport Lighting Solutions in Camel Project