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  • CK-13T Type AB Red White solar power aviation warning lamp
  • CK-13T Type AB Red White solar power aviation warning lamp
  • CK-13T Type AB Red White solar power aviation warning lamp

CK-13T Type AB Red White solar power aviation warning lamp

Type AB Red White solar power aviation warning lamp, 2000cd at night, 20000cd at day, 40FPM flashing, use for high voltage power Tower, Communication Tower, high-rising building, Chimney etc

Product Description


       It is suitable for installation on fixed buildings and structures, such as power towers, communication towers, chimneys, high-rise buildings, large bridges, large port machinery, large construction machinery, wind turbines and other obstacles to warn aircraft.


● FAA L865/L864

● Internation Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Aerodromes, Annex 14, Volume I, Eighth Edition, dated July 2018

Key Feature

● Lampshade of light adopts PC with anti-UV which is high-efficiency light transmission up to 90%,  quite high impact resistance and fits the bad environment very well. 

● The body of the light adopts SUS304 stainless steel, House of the light is made of aluminum alloy and painted by spraying plastic. The structure is a high strength, resistant to corrosion. 

● Special battery for solar energy, free maintenance, and high reliability, lifetime more than 3 years. 

● Based on the single-chip computer micropower control, could control the charge and discharge precisely. 

● Mild steel change glass Polycrystalline silicon solar panels, energy efficiency high (> 18%), lifetime more than 20 years. 

● Using Fresnel lens optical design, range further. 

● Further use reflector optical design, visual distance, the angle more accurately, thoroughly eliminate the light pollution. 

● Light source adopts LED with a long lifespan of up to 100,000hrs, lower power consumption, and high efficiency.  

● Used the photosensitive probe fit for the natural light spectrum curve, automatic control light intensity level. 

● The circuit of the light has surge protection whose lightning proof ability is In 7.5KA/5 times, Imax  15KA so that the light is suitable for a harsh environment. 

● Integral structure, the protection level of IP65. 

● Synchronizing GPS function is available.

Main Parameter

Lamp Parts
Input PowerDC48VBattery NameLead-Acid Battery
Power Consumption≤20WWorking Voltage
Flashing Frequency20FPM,40FPMCapacity(25°C)  10HR(10.8V)80Ah
Light Intensity 

Red: 2000cd working at night

White: 20000cd working at day

Battery Working Environment Range
-40℃ to +55℃
Light SourceRed /White LED

Life Span≥100,000hoursSolar panel parameters (standard light intensity at 25℃) (1PCS)
Lighting Emitting Red/WhiteOverall Size1070mm×694mm×45mm
Beam Angle

360° horizontal;


Power Consumption120w
Method of synchronizationGPSWorking Voltage65V
IP Rate IP65StructureAluminum alloy frame toughened glass package
Overall Size1070mm*1000mm*490mmLifespan30 years


● Optional Infra-red (IR) 

● Optional GPS synchronization

● Optional AC power supply

● Optional Solar Powered

● Optional Dual Type, 1 duty + 1 standby