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Types of Transmission Towers

Every high voltage transmission line is supported by a transmission tower. Towers are important for the transport of large quantities of electricity over a long distance.

Transmission towers combine with substations and pole lines to form the electrical grid.

So what types of communication towers are there?

1、"Towers like a “干”,named after the Chinese character "干" is a common tower type for both DC and AC transmission lines. It is mostly a linear tower and is also 

a common corner tower for ≥220 KV high voltage line.

                                                                            Types of Transmission Towers

2、Towers like a “V”,It is easy to construct and consumes less steel than other pull-line towers, but it occupies a large area and is limited in the use of river 

networks and large-area machine-grown areas. It is commonly used in 500 KV lines and is also used in small quantities in 220 KV.

                                               Types of Transmission Towers

3、Towers like a “T”The tower is in a "T" shape. The two transmission lines are hung below, and "T" towers are the main towers for direct current 

transmission. Look carefully at the tower and there are two small "corners" on the top, and one ground line on each side. 

                                                         Types of Transmission Towers

MH5001-2013 stipulates that certain conditions are met,Install type B high intensity aviation lights on the Communication towers,

 and install them on 3 levels.

Same as the tower beacon,CDT has developed a new product:Conductor Marking lights.This tower Lighting is a particular type of 

aircraft warning lights designed for overhead power lines.

                      Types of Transmission Towers

Lights are powered either from the electric field surrounding the energized wire, or the magnetic field produced by current through the wire. 

CDT has followed the approach which is based on Faraday's law of induction involving magnetic flux flowing through a circuit which powers 

the obstruction lighting.Any need,pls contact us.We are CDT who are committed to producing FAA obstruction lighting and Helipad  Lighting Systems.