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ICAO certificate approved again.

Heliport Inset Perimeter light is now completely ICAO certified by Intertek. 

Strictly comply with ICAO certification standards and requirements, we have done a  lot of compliance inspection work

 in the product design process, specifications,  management, quality, etc.     

                        Heliport Inset Perimeter light

This type of airport lighting equipment is installed in emergency landing zone, to  indicate the safe Touchdown and Lift Off (TLOF) 

area with steady burning Green light.               

                                       ICAO certificate approved again

Now CDT focus on Airfield Ground Lighting System and LED Aviation Obstruction Lighting System .   


Our aim is to protect pilot’s flight safety.We Will Find A Solution In Adequation To Your Needs And Standards,

With High Reliability/ Low Power Consumption/Simple Installation.  Just choose us with no doubt.