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  • CM-13-T Medium Intensity Solar Aviation Obstruction Light Type B
  • CM-13-T Medium Intensity Solar Aviation Obstruction Light Type B
  • CM-13-T Medium Intensity Solar Aviation Obstruction Light Type B

CM-13-T Medium Intensity Solar Aviation Obstruction Light Type B

Model: CM-13-T

Product Description


Operating voltageDC12V(solar powered)
Power consumption≤10W
Flashing frequency20-60times /mins
Peak light intensity2000cd(±25%)
Light sourceRed LED
Lifespan>100,000 hours
Emitting colorRed
Beam angle360° horizontal beam angle
≥3° vertical beam spread
Method of synchronizationNA (could choose the GPS)
Overall size(mm)255mm×255MM*515mm
Installation size(mm)Ф105mm 4*M10
Ingress protectionIP65
Lightning protection level10KA
Light controlled sensitivity100Lux
Operating humidity≤95%
Operating temperature-40℃~55℃

CM-13-T Medium Intensity Solar Aviation Obstruction Light Type B

Widely used in various fields of the Air Force, civilian airports and obstacle free airspace, helipads, iron tower, chimney, ports, wind power plants, bridge and city high-rise buildings where require aviation warning.

Usually used above 45m or below 150m buildings, could use alone, also could use with Low intensity OBL type B together.

● Lamp shade of the light adopts PC with anti-UV which is high efficiency light transmission up to 90%, quite high impact resistance and fit the bad environment very well.

● The body of the light adopts SUS304 stainless steel, House of the light is made of aluminum alloy and painted by spraying plastics, the structure is high strength, resistance to corrosion.

● Special battery for solar energy, free maintenance and high reliability, lifetime more than 3 years.

● Based on the single chip computer micro power control, could control the charge and discharge precisely.

● Mild steel change glass Polycrystalline silicon solar panels, energy efficiency high (> 18%), lifetime more than 20 years.

● Using Fresnel lens optical design, range further.

● Further use reflector optical design, visual distance, angle more accurately, thoroughly eliminate the light pollution.

● Light source adopts LED with long lifespan up to 100,000hrs, lower power consumption and high efficiency.

● Used the photosensitive probe fit for the natural ligh spectrum curce, automatic control light intensity level.

● The circuit of the light has surge protection whose lightning proof ability is In 7.5KA/5 times, Imax 15KA so that the light is suitable to harsh environment.

● Integral structure, protection lever of IP65.

● Synchronizing GPS function is available.

CM-13T Medium Intensity Type B Aviation Obstruction Light Guide


(1)Integrated design for light(including solar panel, stainless holder, PC cover).

(2)Installed the light on horizontal surface that have enough strength.

(3)When installation, do not put the photocell to point at the light, especially there are any obstacles.


(1)The identification of the line, lamps with one four-core cable for 5 meter: the brown wire is marked “DC12V-“, blue wire marked “Signal”, the yellow-green wire is the ground wire, marked with “Earth”.

CM-13-T Medium Intensity Solar Aviation Obstruction Light Type B

 (2)In order to be storage and delivery, all lights be off before shipping.

 (3)On the side of the lamp holder, there is a switch button( as shown in the following). Lamps installed in place, you need to press the switch button of lamp, then it can work normally. Switch button next to the green light for the light level indicator. The green indicator Lamp light on in the daylight, flash at the night with frequency is twice in the 3 second

CM-13-T Medium Intensity Solar Aviation Obstruction Light Type B

Test for single light:

If you need to test the light during the day, to confirm the state of the lamp is open, please use the opaque material to cover the lampshade, at this time delay of about 10 seconds to start the work of flashing lights, which means the lamp work properly.


● All the lines must be connected correctly, otherwise may damage the light. Please look at the mark and introduction carefully.

● It is normal situation there will be a temperature rise when the lamps working.

● When the light working, in order to avoid the dangerous, pls don’t open any part of the light body

● Non-professional workers do not disassemble , once discovered ,shall not guarantee.

Maintenance and care

Fault handlings and care for solar aviation obstruction light:

Fault handlingsCauseHow to handle
Light   non-operationLow   batteryCharging   for 16 hours under sun
Low   battery for a short time workLow   capacity for batteryChange   another battery