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  • Heliport Perimeter Light

Heliport Perimeter Light

Model: CM-HT12/CQ

Product Description


Operating voltageAC220V/6.6A
Power consumption≤10W
Light Intensity≧25cd
Light SourceGreen LED
Light Source Lifespan100,000 Hours
Emitting ColorGreen
Ingress ProtectionIP68
Environment humidity0~100%
Operating temperature-55℃~55℃
Wind Load80m/s
Overall Dimension (mm)∮220mmx125mm

CH-HT12/CQ heliport perimeter light is a steady burning green light inset installing light. Emitting omnidirectional green light at night or in the daytime with low visibility to indicate the perimeter of heliport take off and land area, to indicate the safe landing area for helicopter pilot. It is controlled by switch in the heliport control cabinet.

● The lamp cover adopts PC material with excellent impact resistance (IZOD notch impact strength: 90), thermal stability (service temperature can be 130℃), great transparency (available with a light transmission of up to 90%), auto-UV resistance, aging resistance and flammability rating in UL94V0.    

● House of the light is made of aluminum liquid casting and oxidation treatment., the product features are omniseal, water tightness and corrosion resistance.

● Light source adopts the international advanced LED featuring low power consumption, high efficiency and light source lifespan reaching 100,000 hr..

● The light with surge protection device (In 7.5KA/5 times, Imax 15KA) can be used in the harsh environment.

CM-HT12/CQ Helipad Insert Perimeter Light Instruction Manual


(1)Because this light is insert type, before Installation please fix the spool and lighting fittings in advance. (Reference the following picture)

(2)When installation, put on the light horizontally and make sure the edge of light base and ground are placed in the same horizontal level. And there is a pipe fitting at the position of two symmetrical surfaces, and then connect with the 3/4 inch of spool or tube.

Heliport Perimeter Light

Usage and Wiring Diagram:

The identification of the line, lamps with one three-core cable with the length of 1.2m: the brown and black wire are power line(Input power AC110V),and the brown wire is connected to the Live line(L), black wire connect to Null wire(N), the yellow-green wire is the ground wire(E). 

Heliport Perimeter Light


● All the lines must be connected correctly, otherwise may damage the light. Please look at the mark and introduction carefully.

● The power supply of this type of light is AC220V、50HZ/60HZ. Do not use other power supply, such as 380V, otherwise the light will be quickly damaged.

● It is normal situation there will be a temperature rise when the lamps working.

● When the light working, in order to avoid the dangerous, pls don’t open any part of the light body

● Non-professional workers do not disassemble , once discovered ,shall not guarantee.