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  • Heliport Windsock Light or Heliport wind vane
  • Heliport Windsock Light or Heliport wind vane

Heliport Windsock Light or Heliport wind vane

Model: CM-HT12F

Product Description


This product complies with the Consultation Announcement AC150/5345-27C and L-806 of U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Appendix 14-Airport of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the specifications in Part Four of Airport Design drafted by ICAO.

The max designed wind speed is 260kph. But if the area wind speed or Ultraviolet strength is too high, it will shorten the wind sleeve’s lifespan.

Connect the wire in the bottom and 2.5mm wire terminal is available.

Operating voltageAC220V/6.6A
Power consumption≤20W
Peak light intensity≥32.5cd

Heliport Windsock Light or Heliport wind vane

CM-HT12/F heliport Wind vane is to indicate the wind direction of the final approach and take-off, it can make a general indication to the wind speed. According to the ICAO provisions for each airport must be set at least one wind vane. Its installation location must not interferenced by nearby objects or the airflow blowed by the rotor, and must be guaranteed the helicopter can be clearly identified at least in 200 meters away.

CM-HT12/F Illumination Vane can be used as a sign in all kinds of airport to observe the wind power and wind direction in both daytime and night.

On the top installed one red LED obstruction light, provide the obstacle hint for the pilot at night.

On the upper of the pole installed a light stainless wind sleeve frame and one 360°rotation gear.

Inside of the wind sleeve frame installed one waterproof LED spotlight, it will turn with the wind sleeve, could light the wind sleeve directly, not like the old outside flood light, then eliminate the power consumption and against the eye flare.

On the wind sleeve frame installed one wind sleeve which is made of corrosion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant nylon anti-UV material, and lifetime is long. The color is red(orange) and white, have 5 sections, the start color is red(orange). The wind sleeve including 3 dimensions according to the pole’s height.

1#The diameter is 300mm, the diameter at small end is 150mm and the length is 1.2m

2#The diameter is 600mm, the diameter at small end is 300mm and the length is 2.4m

3#The diameter is 900mm, the diameter at small end is 450mm and the length is 3.6m

How to choose the wind sleeve? Below 4m, use the first type;  between 4m to 6m, use the sencond type; above 6m, use the third type.

On the bottom of the pole, it has a control box, you could choose the wind vany with the photoswitch;  the power supply cable into the control box directly.

The pole and the base all use the SUS304 stainless. The windsock height could be 2m,3m,4m,5m,6m or as buyer’s requirement; when the total height more than 9m, you could add the stay wire in order to increase the stability; when the windsock height more than 4m, you could choose the hinges base so that could install more steady.

CM-HT12/F4 Wind Vane Installation Manual


(1)At the selected mounting position place concrete foundation of 1m*1m*1,pre-embeded 7pcs M20*800MM screws, 70mm higher than the ground;

(2)Put the windsock into the frame, use the velcro to fix it, and check if it is fastness between the frame and rotation device, make sure bolt-on and that two fixed jaw of the frame are fastness.(Windsock need to replace per year)

(3)Connect the wind vane as the installation diagram, checking the rotating of the windsock, if it is rotating not smoothly, add some lubricant into the swivel bearing.

(4)Then link the wires of the lights, check if the obstruction light on the top and the spot light in the frame is working normal.

Confirm all is ok, align the wind vane’s foundation and the pre-embed M20 screws, then tighten up. Then check the installation support’s perpendicularity, if have the incline, adjust it.

(5)Connect the null line, fire wire, ground wire with electric supply.

(6)Wind vane have the rotational structure, could put down, is easy to install and maintenan

Heliport Windsock Light or Heliport wind vane

A. The bottom pole and mid-pole assembly:

1.Put the cables through to the mid-pole;

2.Put the bottom of the mid-pole into the bottom pole, align the installation holes, then tighten up.

Heliport Windsock Light or Heliport wind vane

B. Mid-pole and top pole assembly:

1.Put the obstruction light and spot light cables connected;

2.Put the bottom of the top pole into the top of the mid-pole, align the holes, tighten up.

Heliport Windsock Light or Heliport wind vane

C. Obstruction light installation:

Heliport Windsock Light or Heliport wind vane

D. Frame assembly:

Heliport Windsock Light or Heliport wind vane

E. Control box:

Need to use a 3 * 1.0 square cable connected to the wind vane control box with a green three –core cable ,the brown wire is the live wire (L), the black wire the null line (N), the yellow-green wire is the ground wire.

Heliport Windsock Light or Heliport wind vane


● All the lines must be connected correctly, otherwise may damage the light. Please look at the mark and introduction carefully.

● The power supply of this type of light is AC110V、50HZ/60HZ. Do not use other power supply, such as 380V, otherwise the light will be quickly damaged.

● It is normal situation there will be a temperature rise when the lamps working.

● When the light working, in order to avoid the dangerous, pls don’t open any part of the light body

● Non-professional workers do not disassemble , once discovered ,shall not guarantee.