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  • Heliport Beacon Light

Heliport Beacon Light

Model: CM-HT12/A

Product Description


Operating voltageAC220V/6.6A
Power consumption≤15W
Flash Frequency4 times/2seconds
Light Intensity2500cd
Light SourceLED
Light Source Lifespan100,000,000times.
Emitting ColorWhite
Ingress ProtectionIP65
Operating temperature-40℃~60℃
Wind Load80m/s
Overall Dimension (mm)210mmx210mmx140mm
Installation Dimension (mm)126mmx126mmxM10

Heliport Beacon Light

CH-HT12/A heliport light beacon is a white flashing light, as a distance visual guidance. It’s so important especially when the ambient light make it difficult to see there is a heliport. According to ICAO, every heliport should have at least one light beacon. It should be installed above or near the heliport, it will be better if it is installed in an elevated place. Please make sure it will not let the pilot feel glaring in short distance.


● The lamp cover adopts PC material with excellent impact resistance (IZOD notch impact strength: 90), thermal stability (service temperature can be 130℃), great transparency (available with a light transmission of up to 90%), auto-UV resistance, aging resistance and flammability rating in UL94V0.  

● The house of the light adopts aluminum alloy and stainless steel SUS304, on the surface use the oxidation treatment, the product features are light weight, water tightness, seismic and corrosion resistance.  

● Light source adopts import high quality LED, , light source life for flashing reaching 100,000,000 times. Low power consumption, energy efficiency and environment protection.

● The light with surge protection device (In 7.5KA/5 times, Imax 15KA) can be used in the harsh environment.

CM-HT12/A Heliport Beacon Light Installation Manual:

(1) The heliport beacon light is horizontal installation type, combine with vertical type mounting bracket, please refer to below picture.

(2) While installing, please do not put photosensitive probe toward light source or covered by other things.

Heliport Beacon Light


(1) Connector distinguish: The heliport beacon light has a cable with 4 cores, in which the brown and black lines are power supply lines (AC220V), the brown one is Live Line (L), the black one is Null Line (N), the blue one is Signal Line (X), and the yellow green one is Earth Line (E).

(2) Wring instructions:

   a. When connecting one unit light, only the brown live line(L), the black null line(N) and the yellow green earth line(E) need to be connected. The blue synchronized signal no need to be connected.

   b. When connecting more than one unit light, all lines need to be connected so that the lights can be flashing synchronized.


● All the connections must be correct, otherwise it will damage the lights, please check the mark and instruction carefully.

● The power supply is AC220 50HZ/60HZ, can’t use other powers, otherwise it will damage the lights.

● The obstruction light need to be installed below lightning conductor or lightning protection zone, in case light be struck by lightning.

● It’s normal if temperature rise while operating.

● Please do not open any part of lights while operating.

● The light is fully sealed, please do not install or dismantle unless you are professional. Once operated inappropriately, our company will not guarantee the warranty.