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  • LED TLOF Heliport Perimeter Light
  • LED TLOF Heliport Perimeter Light
  • LED TLOF Heliport Perimeter Light
  • LED TLOF Heliport Perimeter Light
  • LED TLOF Heliport Perimeter Light

LED TLOF Heliport Perimeter Light

Model: CM-HT12/CQ is a kind of TLOF perimeter light widely used to the heliport area,used high brightness LED green lamp,heliport flush green led perimeter light,heliport FATO white flush omni-directional or all-around landing-point light

Product Description

LED TLOF Heliport Perimeter Light

1. Application

The Helipad TLOF inset perimeter lights is Green/Yellow constant light.It shows omnidirectional Green/Yellow signal at night or during low visibility days.providing accurate landing point locations for helicopters.It would be controlled by heliport control cabinet. 

2. Key Features  

Adopt toughened optical glass with high strength,good abrasion resistance,strong impact resistance and light transmittance of more than 95%.

The upper cover of the light is made of high quality aluminum alloy with good mechanical properties, strong bearing capacity and impact resistance.

The light body is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and the surface is anodized. All fasteners are made of stainless steel, which can be used in various environments.

The light surface is smooth and no acute angles to ensure the safety of the heliport tires.

The light source LED adopts the imported international advanced long-life, low power consumption, and high-efficiency chip package (lifetime exceeds 100,000 hours).

Strict LED color management to ensure the consistency of light color.

The power factor is greater than 0.9, which can minimize the interference to the power grid.

The power line of the light is equipped with anti-surge device (10KV / 5KA surge protection), which can be applied to harsh climate environment.

The dust-proof and waterproof grade can reach IP68, and the power supply adopts glue sealing technology.

3. Specification





Operating voltage

AC100-240V/DC24V(Other available)

Power Consumption


Light Intensity


Light Source

Yellow/Green/Blue LED

Light Lifespan

100,000 Hours

Emitting Color


Ingress Protection


Environment Humidity




Environment Temperature


Wind Load


Net Weight


Light Barrel Size

Ф220mm*156mm(Other available)

     4. Structure

LED TLOF Heliport Perimeter Light

LED TLOF Heliport Perimeter Light

         5. Installation Steps

LED TLOF Heliport Perimeter Light

        6. Wiring Diagram for multi-lights

           LED TLOF Heliport Perimeter Light

       7. Attentions


All wiring must be connected properly, otherwise the light may be damaged, please check the signs and instructions carefully.

The power source is AC90-240V.Never use other power sources,such as AC380V,otherwise the lamp will be damaged.

There is a temperature rise when this product is working, which is normal.

When the product is working,do not open any part of the light body to prevent danger occur.

This product has a sealed structure. Non-professional maintenance personnel should not disassemble it. Once found, the company will not guarantee it.