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Solar powered low visibility operation (LVO) light


Product Description

Operating voltageDC24V    (Other available)
Power consumption≤10w average, 200w at peak
Light intensity1000cd(±3%)
Light sourceWhite LED
Lifespan>100,000 hours,≤5% light attenuation in30,000 hours
Color temperature2700K
Beam angle360° horizontal beam angle
≥30° vertical beam spread
Bracket overall size350mm×350mm×180mm
Installation size310mm×310mm×4-ø13
Light overall size(mm)210mm×210mm×456mm
Light installation size(mm)ø180mm-4*M10
Ingress protectionIP65
Lightning protection level10KA
Operating temperature-55℃-55℃
Remote control distance5-8m
Power weight27kg
Lamp weight5kg
Wind load80m/sec.

Solar powered low visibility operation (LVO) light


Widely used in various fields of the Air Force, civilian airports and obstacle free airspace, helipads, for observation of artificial visibility, prevention of natural disasters, and secure safe operation of the airport.

Key Feature

1. Cover of the light adopts PC with anti-UV which is high efficiency light transmission up to 90%, quite high impact resistance and fit the bad environment .

2. House of the light is made of aluminum alloy and painted by spraying plastic, the structure is high strength, resistance to corrosion;White LED light source array, light intensity distribution is more uniform (3%light intensity error in 360°).

3. White LED light source array, light intensity distribution is more uniform (  3%light intensity error in 360°)

4. Wireless remote control switches machine, timing shutdown, low power consumption, small light decay, intuitive and accurate observation. Public wireless channel, remote control distance 5-8KM to meet most of the occasions.

5. Solar special battery, maintenance-free, high reliability, life expectancy is greater than 3 years.

6. Based on single-chip micro-power control, precise control of charge and discharge.

7. Low-carbon tempered glass polycrystalline silicon solar panels, high energy efficiency (18%) , lifetime is more than 20 years.

8. Continuous rainy days working time for more than 20 days.