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Product Description

Every dayLamp failureChange Lamp
Light output is low

1.If the glass surface is dirty,wipeit  clean
2.Check  lamp deviation or moisture
3.Check  lamp aging or shifting

Every WeekLight output channelobstructionsClean the path and prism surface
Every MonthThe presence of moistureand  water(Visual inspectionof      prism inner surface)

1. Turn on the lamp body
2. Clean, dry and check
3. Replace O-rings and otherdamaged   parts

Every Two MonthTighten  the screwCheck  the lamp body tightnessbolts   are locked

After  1200 hours   6.6A    operation

Change  Lamp BulbsRecommended  When the servicelife   is reached, replace the lampsystematically. At rated power(6.6A), up to 1200 hours. But inactual operation,      the lamp lifemay   reach 2000 to 4000 hours

Rotating Beacon Lights

Using Range of Rotating Beacon  

This handbook describes apron rotation beacons manufactured to FAA AC 150 / 5345-12 and ICAO Annex 14 and Airport Design Manual. Please strictly follow the FAA and ICAO and other relevant provisions of the norms of the use of the lamp.


Technical Characteristics

1. Light intensity, light color meet the requirements.

2. Sophisticated optical control, light utilization, high brightness, outstanding optical performance.

3. Lamps shape is handsome, good thermal performance, well-designed.

4. The lamp uses a split structure, reducing impurities and moisture into the lamp, improving the service life of lamp optics, reducing the number of maintenance operations.

5. The main body of the lamp is made of aluminum alloy, the fastener is made of stainless steel, and the anti-corrosion performance is good.

6. Adopts high-precision machine tool processing, ensuring a full range of lamps quality and accuracy.