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  • Heliport Flood Light
  • Heliport Flood Light
  • Heliport Flood Light
  • Heliport Flood Light
  • Heliport Flood Light

Heliport Flood Light

Model: CM-HT12/N

Product Description


CM-HT12/N heliport flood light is a ground surface installation light. It's used to lighten the surface of the heliport, ensuring the heliport surface illumination not less than 10 Lux, making the heliport sign easy to see and giving the landing heliport accurate guidance. Uniform illumination of the heliport make the pilot to reduce eye glare as much as possible in short distance.

Key Feature

● All-aluminum alloy case, light weight, high structural strength, corrosion resistance and excellent heat dissipation.

●  Imported LED light source, long life, low power consumption and high brightness.

● The glazing surface is tempered glass, which has excellent impact resistance, good thermal stability (500 ° C temperature resistance), good light transmission (light transmittance up to 97%), UV resistance and aging resistance. The lamp holder is made of aluminum alloy liquid casting, and the surface is oxidized, which has the characteristics of full sealing, waterproof and corrosion resistance.

● Reflector based on the principle of reflection, the light utilization rate is over 95%, and the light exit angle can be more accurate, the visible distance is farther, and the light pollution is completely eliminated.

● The light source is a white LED, which adopts international advanced long-life, low-power, high-efficiency chip package (lifetime over 100,000 hours) and color temperature of 5000K.

● The complete set of lamps and lanterns adopts full packaging technology, which is resistant to impact, vibration and corrosion, and can be used in harsh environments for a long time. The structure is light and firm, and the installation is simple.

Structure chart

Heliport Flood Light

Operating voltageAC110V-AC240V/50,60Hz
Power consumption≤60W
Luminous flux≥10,000LM
Light SourceWhite LED

Light Source Lifespan  Emitting Color

100,000 Hours
Emitting Color  White5000K
Ingredd Protection  Ip65
Environment humidity  0~100%
Altitude   ≤4500m
Operating temperature   -55℃ ~55℃
Wind Load   80m/s
Weight  5.6kg
Overall Dimension(mm)400mm×260mm×142mm