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  • Airport/Heliport PAPI Lights
  • Airport/Heliport PAPI Lights

Airport/Heliport PAPI Lights

Product Description


Be careful when handling; Landing or collision will cause damage to the inner light bulb or other optical parts of the product, and may result in scratches.

Wet hand to touch the internal electrical equipment shall be strictly prohibited.

Environmental temperature -40 ° C ~ + 55 ° C


1. All the connections must be correct, otherwise it will damage the lights, please check the markand instruction carefully.

2. The power supply is AC230 50HZ/60HZ, can’t use other powers, otherwise it will damage the lights.

3. The light need be installed below lightning conductor or lightning protection zone, in case light will be struck by lightning.

4. It‘s normal if temperature rises while operating.

5. Please do not open any part of lights while operating.

6. The light is fully sealed, please do not install or dismantle unless you are professional. Once operated inappropriately, our company will not guarantee the warranty.

Daily Maintenance

The PAPI system is used to guide aircraft to approach the runway at an appropriate altitude.The upper half of PAPI's beam is white and red in the lower half. In the visual range, different elevation lights in PAPI systems allow the aircraft to see different colors at different altitudes. The pilot can judge and adjust the height of the plane by seeing the color of the beam, making it at the right height. When the pilot saw the white means to fly too high; when the pilot saw white and red together said height at the right moment; when the pilot saw the red light said flying too low, could hit obstacles.

Airport/Heliport PAPI Lights